“Nothing Small about Brianna Hall” 5’11 SF/W ’17

Bri Hall

Feb 2013 SGV Invitational:  Brianna Hall of Riverside, CA., a 5-foot-11 small forward. The biggest discussion when it comes to Hall and her potential is which position she will play, She has been playing in the post for so long because of her size that she has developed great post moves and some good foot work, but after watching her this weekend, she is a player and a true athlete. She has great speed and quickness for her size and while she may not be a volume scorer from the wing, she showed a lot of potential by not being afraid to handle the ball or to attack the hole. Hall just makes plays on both sides of the ball tips passes, comes up with loose balls and can convert in the mid-range. What was most impressive was how Hall was able to use her athleticism without playing out of control. When and if Hall develops a true confidence of playing on top she will quickly emerge into a true class of 2017 national top prospect. (Jackson @ptbsouth)

 High School: JW North Hs (Riverside, CA)

Club Team: West Coast Premier (Walnut, CA)


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