Courtney Jaco “The Assassin”

Courtney JacoDon’t let the size fool you. Jaco walks into the gym looking like she’s still in middle school but plays like she’s in college already. Jaco who will be attending USC (Los Angeles, CA) next year can just flat out right shoot the ball. Her shot is not the prettiest shot in the world and a lot of coaches would try to change it instead of helping her perfect it, But Jaco has truly put in the quality hours to perfect it in her own right. It doesn’t matter where she’s at on the court top of the key, wing, or in the corner when she pulls the trigger it’s almost a direct hit all the time. What impresses me the most is her ability to put the ball on the ground and attack the hole which is a major asset to her game considering a lot of shooters have nothing to offer but that, But Jaco can penetrate and hit the open man and finish at the rim. Jaco made things really hard for Mater Dei with stretching the floor and knocking down the three point shot. Jaco shot 50% from the 3 point line going hitting 6 of her 12 attempts and finished with 26 points to help the Lady Wildcats beat Mater Dei in the championship game.  (Jackson @ptbsouth)


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