Cal Sparks Cali Viewing Tourney Recap

Santa Ana, CA – The 2013 Cal Sparks Cali Spring viewing displayed a lot of young great talent.  Several of the West Coast top developing prospects showed up and ready to play. With this past weekend being the only evaluation period of the spring a lot of players took full advantage of being able to make a name for them-self’s in front of some of the West Coast D1 college coaches. With all the talks about the future of girls basketball because of the lack of talent and high level of play we’ve found some of the most explosive players in the classes of 2017 & 2016 who made BIG impressions upon the coaches all weekend.

DSC_0021Alaja Edwards ’17  5’7 Wing from Carson, CA Club Team: Cal Sparks 2017 Blue – This 2017 prospect is increasing her mobility on the floor and showing that she can defend multiple spots on the floor. She continues to get more confident on the offensive end as well.

DSC_0005Camille Hailey ’17 5’8 Guard from Inglewood, CA Club Team: Cal Sparks 2017 Blue: Hailey is a long athletic smooth prospect that has the size to be able to score the basketball in the open floor. Hailey scored the ball primarily off of the mid-range jump shot here today looking good with her form in the process. Her long arms causes a lot of problems for the offense to pass over her and she creates a lot of turnovers with her quick hands.

2017 Blue (4)Ariana Thompson ’17  5’10 SF from Inglewood, CA Club Team: Cal Sparks 2017 Blue: Thompson has a very good handle and is very talented offensively. She is a very good slasher and penetrator. She is an able passer and can be very effective as a “point forward” with the offense running through her. Thompson is special because of her size and skill and has all the tools offensively. Plays very hard and efficient defense.

DSC_0039Jaelyn Royal ’17 6’0 Wing from Las Vegas, NV Club Team: GSB 15u: Royal will considerably become one of the highly-regarded wing-types in her class due to her pterodactyl-type length and no-nonsense approach. Needs to develop better ball handling skills but she is an elite passer and has a great feel for finding her teammates. On the defensive side of the ball she’s a excellent shot blocker and rebounder, has a high motor and runs the floor well also. Has the potential to become a top prospect in the 2017 class.

Class of 2016 

DSC_0111Tiara Scott ’16 5’5 Guard from Torrance, CA Club Team: Cal Sparks 2016 Blue: Scott is a skilled young guard that can take you off the dribble and distribute the ball. She has a good understanding of how to create for herself and her team and run an offense. Small, quick and very explosive.

DSC_0187Brijaye Brackett ’16 5’8 Wing from Los Angeles, CA Club Team: Cal Sparks 2016 Blue: Brackett is a strong bodied wing and a good athlete. Good skills and is a dominate physical player that can rebound, finish around the rim and is not afraid of contact.


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