Makayla “Real Deal” Edwards Norcal Future

Makayla Edwards internet Makayla Edwards 5’6 P 6th grader is very skilled for her age and a very athletic young wing. She’s a long, skilled post player who can play the 2, 3 or 4. Edwards footwork is just as good as any other post player on any level, knows how to read the defender and attack the whole with confidence. It’s her physical talent that makes her stand out right now. She’s a complete package from being an elite athlete to possessing high perimeter skills also. Edwards puts the ball on the ground and leads the break with smooth finesse, not only can she finish but is a great passer as well. Plays strong on both sides of the ball and with the game I seen this past weekend, she will definitely be a top 100 player in her class. (Jackson @ptbsouth)


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